Beyond if let

I've given my Beyond if let talk based on my How I Handle Optionals blog post about handling optionals in Swift twice this week. I was probably a more dynamic speaker in the NSLondon talk but the content is pretty similar. I may have been a bit slower and more methodical at the Swift London one though. Let me know if anything isn't clear in either of them or if you have any tips or suggestions (speaking  or Swift).

Vimeo of talk at NSLondon. Questions from 13:30. [Updated to replace Livestream feed with this.]

Skillsmatter recording of talk at Swift London. Questions are not included in the recording.

If you watch these apologies for the "errm"s, the waved hands and my laugh.

Thanks to both audiences and all those who asked questions and made suggestions.

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Apple Swift Blog - Defining Assert

My How I Handle Optionals post that formed the basis of this talk.

Thanks to Daniel and NSLondon for having me talk and also for to Morgan and SwiftLondon.

I've just created an NSThamesValley meetup group in Reading for people in that area. Please join us and/or let me know if you want to speak.

These tweets let to interesting discussions about optionals (follow the link and read the discussions).

This is a debate on whether it is valid to consider nil as a thing in Swift rather than .None:

This is the end of a discussion of whether Swift's Any type can be an optional type which was pondered by @a2 at NSLondon. This is a bit esoteric and the discussion is more revealing than this nearly final tweet. Note that my recommendation is not to use Any and I have not known it to be necessary in my code. It may be an amusing read.

If anyone has a real use for the Any type please let me know.

Notes and Corrections

My Argo comment about "overhead" was about mental overhead of the additional operators for a domain specific purpose. I have no knowledge of its performance.

Unlike what my slides (in the videos) said I'm @jl_hfl on Twitter. Corrected in slides above.